Cooback Designer Homes specialises in capturing the vision you have for your home and transforming YOUR vision into YOUR dream home.

It’s all about YOU.  How YOU want your home to look and feel like to ensure you and your family have all your needs met so you can enjoy every aspect of your new home.
By being involved from the early stages of planning right through to completion, you will have a personal involvement throughout the entire process.

Right from the beginning, we can determine whether your plan is feasible given the budget you have and then explore all other options that can save you time and money on plans that are impractical or unattainable due to budget or block constraints.
You will have full access to our expert team that will guide you through the design process so that your home is built according to you and your family’s ideas, dreams, and wants… and at the best price!



Cooback Designer Homes specialises in design and construction of new homes and additions that truly meet all the needs of our clients.
We follow a design-build process that involves effective collaboration among the client, designer and builder from start to finish. This process is basically built on trust between you and us so we can openly and honestly communicate what has to be done to complete the home you envision for you and your family.
Our early involvement in the design phase is important so we can guide you properly and give input as to what plan is attainable and what options you can consider.
Through our partnership and design-build process, you are ensured of:

Accurate Costing
Having the designer and builder involved at an early stage of project conception leads to accurate costing. Usually, plans that were drawn up and quoted separately do not get built because the expense becomes much higher than what the client expected or what the designer suggested. Working out the plan together enables us to share knowledge, ideas and experiences and determine how we can make your dream home within your budget.

Original Designs
There is a wide range of generic designs that are flipped over and changed slightly to suit the client’s “preference.” But at the end of the day, you’ll realise that it’s still a generic design that has been built for dozens before you. We don’t do that here. The reason why we want to be involved as early as the project conception is for us to have a strong grasp and understanding of what YOU want. We can help map out your ideas into something tangible but it will always be based on your vision and dream. You will get a house that is original, tailor-made and reflective of you and your family.

Efficiency in Energy and Cost
Specific energy-saving features are crucial because you can make a lot of savings from them in the future. Some of the features we can suggest cost little or nothing, while others are just good design principles. When we work out your home plan, we can incorporate such features in a way that will suit your big idea and budget.

Best Value
Unlike other builders, you can’t expect the cheapest deal from us because we don’t just build the same thing over and over like a production line. Instead,our team prides itself on being craftsmen who produce an original piece for each of our clients.
What you can be sure of is getting the best price and value for the kind of home you want. You will have to spend a reasonable amount of money – neither too cheap nor too expensive – depending on your design and finishes. 


"Builder of fine homes, townhouses & dual-residency for owner occupied & investors throughout the Illawarra & Southern Highlands".



  • Custom Designer, Luxury & Prestige Homes.
  • Rural Acreage & Beachside homes.
  • Townhouse, Duplex & Home Investment Builds.
  • Knockdown and Rebuild.
  • Build challenge Narrow / Sloping-Blocks.
  • Project Management Build Service


 "Our Mission is one of building homes of exceptional quality, exceeding our customers expectations".



We have put together our own small team of carpenters who are highly skilled and experienced at their jobs. Most of them have experience stretching far beyond the boundaries of their trade. Normally, the same crew will work on your job - from start to finish, from the footings to the final touches. This benefits our clients by allowing them to build a personal relationship with the tradesmen doing the work so that they can trust them in their homes and do not have different faces turning up every few days. The crew also know the job inside out as they have worked on it from the outset.
All our carpenters have a strong knowledge of the Australian Building Code and Standards so you can be sure their work meets and exceeds national standards. Each member of our team is hand picked for their strong work ethic, pride of workmanship and most of all respect for our clients and clients property.